External General Counsel


As an external legal department, Schmidt Steinfeld Solutions offers you continuous support for your daily business activities. There are numerous cases in which companies have acted on their own account thereby losing the overview and consequently lost contracts with business partners, customers and suppliers. Unintentionally, they fall into liability lawsuits. In order to prevent this from happening in your company we check your contracts for so called “red flags” and inform you about any potential risks. We act as a legal advocate for you, without the need for additional staff.

Compared to the individual commissioning of lawyers, we can offer you transparent and attractive hourly packages. We thoroughly examine your contracts and advise you individually on all legal questions that arise in everyday business practices with clarity and discretion. Guaranteed accurate billing ensures that we can solve even the smallest questions without great cost, and you can be sure you will always be on the right side. This is an essential part of your liability insurance, especially if you don’t employ an internal lawyer to handle these matters. If you have 10 or more employees you should already consider our (smallest) package!

External General Counseling includes:

  • Preparation of contracts and review
  • Revision of General Terms and Conditions
  • Support for questions on collective labor law
  • Legal representation of the company in court