External Audit


The objective of internal auditing is to investigate the facts in the event a potential law violation, particularly criminal law, has occurred. Internal auditing is an integral part of a compliance management system (CMS) for all large companies. On the other hand, for more small and medium-sized enterprises, a permanent internal audit unit is neither feasible nor fundamentally necessary. If, however, suspicion of inconsistencies within the company exist, for example

  • Assumption of gifts by employees (bribery)
  • Money stocks (embezzlement / theft)
  • Awarding of tenders (bribery / infidelity)
  • Use of equipment (fraud / infidelity)

then Your company may be obliged to clarify and verify these facts. In the event of an internal audit conducted by Schmidt Steinfeld Solutions, we will examine and analyze the relevant documents with expert and professional knowledge as well as conduct interviews with potential witnesses.

There is, of course, the possibility of handing over the case directly to the state law enforcement authorities, in case of reasonable suspicion. However, in many circumstances, it is not in the best interest for the company to hand over the case that early. In our consultation we willgladly discuss which courses of action to take regarding your particular situation. By commissioning Schmidt Steinfeld Solutions as external auditors, you can rest assured that we will clarify the facts with care, precision, and honesty as much as possible.

You will receive a comprehensive written report on the results of our audit, which will inform you of all investigative activities and accurately reflect all communication protocols. This report is then passed – if suspicions have been confirmed – to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. As a complete solution in the area of internal auditing, we also take care of the coordination and cooperation with law enforcement authorities, so that you and your company’s interests are represented properly and successfully.