What are StartUp Companies?

StartUps are established or newly founded companies, distinguishing themselves through special and innovative business ideas. Strong growth and a rapid appreciation in value are the main goals of every StartUpThese properties make them potentially ideal partners for various investors. Therefore, an important prerequisite for the successful development of a StartUp is a scalable business model geared towards growth; thus, developing essential flexibility from the start.

Classic StartUp industries can be found within the branches of technology and digitalization. Having a sense for the market and available financial resources is crucial. At the same time, however, many questions arise regarding the formation of such companies: What’s the best way to come out of the starting blocks? Which company structure is the right one? How are investor contracts, initial employee contributions, and contracts with subsidies or external financiers right and mutually beneficial? For all these legal issues, please contact Schmidt Steinfeld Solutions and let us help you find the right solution and arrangement for your company.

Not only will we show you your business possibilities and focus on the specific requirements of StartUps, but we will also help you with classic topics of the company, such as contract design and the creation of general terms and conditions according to German trade laws (AGB). At Schmidt Steinfeld Solutions, we carefully analyze your StartUp and work with you to create the essential contracts– for the perfect start, but with the perspective for future growth through necessary adjustments/modification.

In addition, we offer supplementary services as an external legal department.

StartUp – Package 1 (a+b)
  • Advise on legal form (GmbH or limited liability)
  • Partnership agreement
  • Consulting the liable persons
  • General instruction on compliance risks
  • Package 1 b (additional)
    • Support and resolving agency problems
    • Support with regards to the notary and the registration process
StartUp – Package 2 (a+b)
  • Creating terms and conditions (max number depending on the package)
  • Review / Drafting general contracts
  • Review/ Drafting work contracts
  • Review of compliance regulations and legal requirements
  • Support for documentation
  • Package 2b (additional)
    • Implementation of CMS
    • Contract review and negotiation, consulting and auditing in compliance issues